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Empowering the public and private sector with insights

We work closely with our client partners to understand their needs and deliver data-driven and actionable recommendations to shape behaviors in their markets.

Our Process

At ADF Research, our clientele spans the spectrum from local to global, serving both the public and private sectors. This variety enriches our work with diverse viewpoints and specialized knowledge across different markets and organizational types.

A testament to our effectiveness, many clients choose to engage with us repeatedly across multiple projects over the years.Cultivating strong connections is fundamental to our ethos, enabling us to deeply comprehend an organization's distinct challenges. This understanding guides us in crafting creative strategies tailored to meet those specific needs.

Collaborative Discovery

We begin by understanding your unique challenges and objectives. This phase involves in-depth discussions to uncover key insights, enabling us to tailor a research strategy that aligns with your goals.

Research Design & Execution

Leveraging our expertise, we design a customized research plan utilizing the most effective methodologies. We then execute this plan meticulously, ensuring data collection is comprehensive and precise.

Analysis & Insight Generation

Our team analyzes the collected data to uncover actionable insights. We focus on translating complex information into clear, meaningful recommendations that can drive decision-making.

Recommendations and Implementation Support

We deliver a detailed report with strategic recommendations based on our findings. Beyond this, we offer support in implementing these strategies, ensuring you can effectively act on the insights provided.

A research partner for every industry

Public sector

Government agencies, municipalities, and public institutions seeking to understand and engage with their communities more effectively.

Private sector

Corporations, small businesses, and startups across industries like technology, healthcare, and telecommunications, aiming to refine their strategies and customer experiences.


Hospitals, health systems, and wellness organizations looking for insights to improve patient care, operational efficiency, and healthcare delivery.


Public transit authorities, logistics companies, and transportation planners focused on optimizing routes, enhancing safety, and improving passenger satisfaction.

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