Opinion research so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Founded in 1978, ADF Research is a Marin County, California-based firm that offers expertise in collecting information from a variety of target populations including consumers, constituents, businesses, organization members and employees for both the public and private sector.

We're streamlining the complexity and removing the guesswork from traditional market research, connecting innovators with clear, impactful insights, and assisting small to mid-size businesses in forging a more informed path forward.

Survey design & implementation
Focus groups
Multi-modal surveys (telephone, online, mail, intercepts)
In-depth executive and stakeholder interviews

Simplifying Market Research for Tomorrow's Innovators

Actionable insights

ADF Research delivers actionable insights that drive strategic decisions. Our experience transforms complex data into clear forecasts, helping your business stay ahead.

Tailored solutions

We offer customized research services aligned with your specific challenges. Our collaborative approach ensures results that directly impact your goals.

Innovator's edge

Stay competitive with our cutting-edge data collection and analysis techniques. We provide the innovative tools necessary for informed decision-making.

Empowering decisions

Our clear reporting and reliable data support confident decision-making. With ADF Research, you make informed choices backed by expertise.

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