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Case Study: Enhancing PG&E's Market Research through Innovative Methodologies

February 12, 2024
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Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States, sought to deepen its understanding of customer perceptions and market trends. To achieve this, PG&E required a comprehensive market research strategy that would not only gather insightful data but also leverage the latest in survey technology and methodology. This is where ADF Research stepped in, offering a tailored approach rooted in decades of market research experience.


PG&E faced several challenges in understanding their market and customer needs accurately. The primary obstacles included efficiently collecting high-quality data across a diverse customer base and analyzing this data to inform strategic decisions. Additionally, PG&E needed to navigate these challenges within the constraints of competitive pricing and high expectations for research quality and innovation.


ADF Research proposed a multi-faceted research strategy to PG&E, emphasizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The proposal was a response to PG&E's Request for Proposal (RFP) for general marketing research consulting and assistance, showcasing ADF Research's comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis. Key components of the proposed solution included:

  • Innovative Use of Technology: ADF Research introduced laser-fill technology for questionnaires, a cutting-edge method at the time, ensuring personalized and efficient survey distribution. This technology allowed for high-quality printing and customization of questionnaires, significantly improving response rates and data accuracy.
  • Diverse Methodologies: The proposal outlined a blend of research techniques, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and both mail and telephone surveys. This diverse approach was designed to capture a wide range of customer perspectives and generate rich, actionable insights.
  • Specialized Skills and Analysis: ADF Research highlighted its capabilities in Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), foreign language interviewing, comprehensive statistical analysis, and the use of laser-fill technology. These specialized skills enabled the team to manage complex data sets and deliver nuanced findings.
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD): An innovative approach proposed by ADF Research, QFD, aimed to align PG&E's services with customer expectations, ensuring that strategic decisions were directly informed by research insights.


The proposal from ADF Research demonstrated a deep understanding of PG&E's research needs and offered a clear, innovative pathway to meeting these needs. By leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, ADF Research positioned PG&E to gain a competitive edge through detailed, actionable market insights. While this case study is based on a sample proposal, the approach and technologies highlighted reflect ADF Research's commitment to delivering exceptional research services, driving strategic decisions through in-depth insights.


The partnership between PG&E and ADF Research illustrates the transformative potential of innovative market research methodologies and technologies. By embracing cutting-edge techniques and a comprehensive research strategy, companies can uncover deep insights into customer behavior and market trends, informing strategic decisions and enhancing competitive advantage. ADF Research remains at the forefront of market research innovation, committed to providing clients with the data and analysis needed to navigate complex markets with confidence and precision.

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